Ursula Haverbeck

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Ursula Haverbeck is a true National Socialist, a heroine of the German people and the White race. In this short video clip she speaks with members of a BBC documentary team who were making the series: The last Nazis. Her spirit, determination and physical energy in this video is a credit to her and would put many 60 years her junior to shame.

Heil Ursula Haverbeck!

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38 Replies to “Ursula Haverbeck”

  1. John Bull

    Yes a brave woman and who were those two brainwashed Bolshevik Marxist Jew dupes who interviewed her? A couple of ignorant jerks who never had an original thought of their own in their whole lives.

  2. astroboy royale

    If I were a Jew, I’d be happy to find out that 6 million of my people weren’t killed. And wouldn’t try to suppress the truth. That’s why we know they’re lying. They lie because they like the reparation pension checks from Germany. And they like the free country surrounded by oil they stole from the Palestinians. Shame of humanity.

    1. Primeiro Último

      +tklogan t  indeed, and put it this way, usually a genocide is a traumatic experience for the whole group, people avoid talking about it, do we see armenians or anyone else crying about it? no, only the jews do it.

    2. thetruefarbauti

      +tklogan t If u were a jew your entire fqmilmy would collect a paycheck on this lie staying alive

  3. Minor Calamity

    What a wonderful lady and her view on National Socialism are sound.
    Within a few short years the crushing unemployment was eliminated in Germany, over 6 million Germans returned to work. In the first year alone 3,374,000 were helped back to work. People received welfare, healthcare and pensions. The old age pension was significantly increased. War veterans no longer slept in the streets as they too would receive a pension. Hitler as an amateur artist and architect oversaw the design and construction of motorways that spread the entire length of the country. Hitler helped design the Volkswagen automobile and was sold cheaply at no interest to the people. Workers would receive housing and their families eagerly spent the new found wages back in to the economy.  
    The German economy grew at a rate that is unprecedented still to this day. Priority was given to the health and fitness of the nation. Free healthcare for pregnant mothers and the first anti-smoking campaign are introduced.
    It became Government policy to protect the environment and wildlife and the first animal cruelty acts were passed, which among other things forbad the (Jewish) ritual slaughter of animals and Vivisection. Hitler introduced a 40 hour work week, the first of its kind in Europe.
    Also state sponsored annual holidays for up to a month where Germans were free to travel the world. Every factory employee from then on would have the legal right to a paid vacation; he was the first to do this. Vacations were not handed out blindly, and the youngest workers were granted time off more generously. It was a humane action; a young person has more need of rest and fresh air for the development of his strength and vigour just coming into maturity. Basic vacation time was twelve days, and then from age 25 on it went up to 18 days. After ten years with the company, workers got 21 days, three times what the French socialists would grant the workers of their country in 1936 
    The work day had been reduced to 8 hours a day and the people had time for recreation. If any overtime was to be worked above the legal limit each additional hour was to be paid at a considerably increased rate. Work breaks were made longer, two hours every day. The worker could then relax at make use of the playing fields and swimming pools that large industries were required to provide.
    Workers before this time had no say in their dismissal or unfairness towards them. Hitler introduced the Honour of work tribunal. Which lay out that employers must announce dismissals four weeks in advance, in which time the workers could lodge a protest. 
    The Council of Trust was formed and charged with attending to the establishment and the development of a real community spirit between management and labour. “In any business enterprise”, the Reich law stated, “the employer and head of the enterprise, the employees and workers, personnel of the enterprise, shall work jointly towards the goal of the enterprise and the common good of the nation.”
    The Third Reich held business accountable for their actions and they could no longer treat the worker in contempt. The law conferred honour and responsibility on the employer only insofar as he merited it. Many other reforms would bring stability and honour back to the worker. Germany prospered, the reforms were working. 

    In three years, those achievements would take on dimensions never before imagined; more than 2,000 factories refitted and beautified; 23,000 work premises modernized; 800 buildings designed exclusively for meetings; 1,200 playing fields; 13,000 sanitary facilities with running water; 17,000 cafeterias. Eight hundred departmental inspectors and 17,300 local inspectors would foster and closely and continuously supervise these renovations and installations.

    Hitler ordered that a gigantic vacation organization for workers be set up. Hundreds of thousands of workers would be able every summer to relax on and at the sea. Magnificent cruise ships would be built. 

    The National Labour Service was formed so for a few months all classes of people’s children would come to work in equality. Regardless of millionaires or poor, all would work together in the same uniforms doing the same tasks. This would break down prejudice formed by social classes as all were seen equal and not monsters. Social hatred was disappearing along with crime and a socially united people was being born. 

  4. Carlos Luis Garcia

    What a brave lady, I salute her for exposing the Usurious Jewish lies. The planet is dying under the zionist parasites. #holohoax  

  5. Alex Collins

    It is important to show the children the Terror Bombing Raids and the genocidal statements made by Churchill about the German people!

    1. Domdeone1

      +Melanie m I have gone as far as reading the NSDAP`s 25 point programme as a basis for healthy living!  Fkn arm wont keep down lol

    2. Melanie m

      +Alex Collins that was my exact , first thought..when I heard obozo wanted to take the leader of Syria out of power..I looked up where Syria was on the map..and wouldnt ya know..the MF shares a border with istahell.

    3. Melanie m

      +Alex Collins wow..it won’t even let me +1 your post …utube has been slowly but surely doing the same illegal sh”t to me also..no warnings..no anything. Look up “Rammstein reise reise ” video.its either the 1st or second one on there, that I found a Jew puppet acct on lol..quite funny.I got quite a “reise” out of him on Christmas..lmao

    4. Domdeone1

      +Melanie m  He admitted in his speech to converting FROM Catholicism. Some today are weary of Brother Nathaniel. Another convert…

  6. theylive23

    ‘It doesn’t matter if other people suffered as well’ – no, it only seems to matter to the BBC that Jews suffered.

  7. einrib4truth

    This is one incredibly brave lady who actually speaks the TRUTH about FACTS not Jewish propaganda/LIES and DECEIT orchestrated to brainwash and emotionally blackmail the ignorant unquestioning masses into believing this Holohoax Story. And the young girl ibn this, is a complete example of how brainwashing and manipulation of the one-sided Jewish holocaust can emotionally effect most. Up until about 5 years ago I had absolutely no reason to question this Holocaust, but when I did…. 🙂

    1. Hernan Borealis 77

      there is no person by name in the files that currently have the Russians,demonstrating that have been gassed in concentration camps.and no person because there is absolutely no one who was gassed.
      my grandmother used to say … no lies to last 100 years ….

  8. Carlos Jara

    your so brave Ursula to deal with those journlist that the just want to keep in their pocitions.. they shouldnt bother you. thanks ursula

  9. John Ubal

    I wonder of the Britons show documentaries and pictures to school-children , time and time again, of the concentration camps that they held in Southafrica where tens of thousands of Boer women and children died of starvation, cruelly used to appease the will to fight of the Boer men during the Boer Wars.

  10. sinisa majetic

    well at 8:09 is the staged scene, it couldn’t be skeleton in the oven. It is a criminal to show these pictures to kids or to use them without giving explanation of what pictures exactly shows, where and when they were taken and all of that one by one, otherwise is just propaganda, this whole show is done in a bad propaganda style with lots of fallacies, it’s yet another disgrace of journalism.

    1. Leif from Earth

      And the americans do go on with that system very successfully… i dont say – nothing happened in the late 30ies and 40ies, but not everything some medias try us to make believe!

  11. The Amalekite

    You people who continue to tell a lie that has no physical evidence to support it ought to be charged with a crime. Putting people to death for war crimes based on a lie should also be a crime. Charging for war restitution for a war you Jews started should also be a crime.

  12. rosenchrige tipsie

    She is my grandmothers generation.Most people from that time got the wake up call, atleast by the time they saw their cities and loved ones being bombed to death. Unfortunately this lady, this relic from the past, seems to have found it very hard to give up her Nazi ideologies and finally let go of the past and move on, thus staying in deep, deep, deep denial, Very sad (thats just my very own personal opinion though).

    1. Kirill Seemann

      i dont think this woman is nazi, she tries to talk openly about some lies and she has a good reason for that

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